The Monmouth Beach Wieners
A Saturday afternoon in April 1999
     Eric, Mary & Dana spend the afternoon galavanting around Freehold, NJ.  Beginning at Great Adventure's Safari Park, Dana gets real upclose and personal with some of nature's most beautiful critters.   Her favorites include the giraffes and the ostriches.  Both of these amazing animals shared a scandalous through the window kiss with young Dana, a moment she will long remember.  After enjoying the animals, papa Eric fed his gurls and then took them to their natural habitats - a major outlet store complex with papa primed and ready to sign, and sign, and sign....
     Afterward the trio headed home, triumphantly anticipating the best part of shopping,  Reveling in the spoils and savings of the day.  Even though it was late, young Dana was able to demonstrate that the basic skills of shopping, even this last essential skill, are not learned.   No.  no.  They are a natural born gift.  Handed down at the moment of conception and never wavering.  As steady and sure as the the double dose of X's that deliver it.  Men only have half this gift.  One look in Dana's eye's in the pictures below is all her aunts and gramma's will need to see to confirm the link of sisterhood in this young one.  "Sure, she has it, but...can she be one of the great ones?" , they all will think.  I guess we will just have to see.
Pictures taken on 4/24/1999

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