The Monmouth Beach Wieners

Dana comes home from the hospital

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Aunt Cheryl enjoys some quality time!

Grandma D enjoys the privilege of the first bath!

Happy and clean! Thanks Gramma!

The endless visitations by the Aunts and Uncles continue through the week...

Leslie and Michael stop by, but Michael is too shy to give Dana a try.

Aunt Anna assumes the position...

...and uncle Adam too!

Negotiations for a cousin begin in ernest!

Negotiations end looking good!

Aunt Lisa gets in on the act!

Don't forget Uncle Neil!

Clan Conneely arrives as Uncle Joe takes his turn.

Aunt Patty takes Dana for a test spin too!

Dana gets her second bath, this time by Daddy, as Aunt Patty and Uncle Joe enjoy the view!

Mommy begins the post bath oil rub.

Momma and Aunt Patty make sure every inch of little Dana has been properly oiled.

All cleaned up and dressed!

Thanks for the wash and lube!

Dana and Mommy say good-bye to Daddy as he leaves for work 9/2/97.

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