The Monmouth Beach Wieners
Dana at 6 months old
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Pictures taken on 2/24/98

sml6mosmile.jpg (12020 bytes)
Hello there! Here is my $Million Smile!

smlmyfeet.jpg (10930 bytes)
I have discovered my feet!

smlcrawl1.jpg (13777 bytes)
Ok, I am up. Now how do I go there?
smlmytoy.jpg (12205 bytes)
Hmmm, I wonder what this tastes like?
smlmomandme.jpg (11719 bytes)
Me and my mommy
smlmymomlovesme.jpg (10884 bytes)
My mommy is crazy about me!
smlalmoststanding.jpg (11961 bytes)
I love standing!
smlbeachready.jpg (12203 bytes)
Ready for the beach!
smlheythere.jpg (15494 bytes)
Am i beautiful or what?
smlwalker1.jpg (15856 bytes)
I can move on my own!
smlsittinpretty.jpg (11181 bytes)
Sitting is so hard to do!

Hmmmm, when is daddy gonna leave me alone with that blasted camera?


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