Patty y Jose
�Patty y Jose Dive on in!

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Diver Joe 1.jpg (70466 bytes)
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Diver Joe gets off the boat.jpg (29268 bytes)
Diver Patty 1.jpg (25846 bytes)
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Divers Patty n Joe 1.jpg (96278 bytes)
Divers Patty n Joe 2.jpg (91633 bytes)
Divers Patty n Joe 3.jpg (86741 bytes)
Eric n Joe.jpg (96506 bytes)
For I have seen the reef and it was very good.jpg (28284 bytes)
Joe aglow.jpg (29845 bytes)
Joe lookin cool.jpg (36117 bytes)
Patty n Joe docking after last dive.jpg (17362 bytes)
The 3 Diving Stooges.jpg (103444 bytes)
Diving with the Wheel.jpg (32412 bytes)
Mom n Patty.jpg (27101 bytes)
Mom n Joe.jpg (29760 bytes)

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